NEWS: Focus Day: A Roadmap for Dance in Healthcare

Focus Day: A Roadmap for Dance in Healthcare

6 February 2022: Free online conference at
Holland Dance Festival
Den Haag

Dance has an essential role to play in positive health, more than ever in this era of chronic physical and mental health challenges. Dance for health activities are supported by evidence-based research. The Holland Dance Festival and the Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation present ‘A Roadmap for Dance in Healthcare’ – a 3 hour deep dive into the necessary conditions for making a sustainable, valuable and community based dance proposition. A proposition that covers the requirements of diverse publics, dancers, teachers, teaching artists, health care practitioners and policy makers. A proposition for delivering effective, functional dance-based approaches to enhance health and wellbeing.

Focus Day Content

  • 10” Introduction Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation with Eldridge Labinjo
  • 20” Dance in Community-Creative Health and Policy. Speaker: Ulco Mes, Gemeente Tilburg and Andrew Greenwood
  • 20” Dance in a Health Care Context-Psychological benefits of dance. Speaker: Robin van den Kieboom + Andrew Greenwood. Moderator Eldridge Labinjo.
  • 15” Towards an International Benchmarking for Dance for Health Programmes, IADMS. Presenter: Clare Guss-West, MA.

10” minute break

  • 20” Good old Times; Anouk Sergo (dance teacher 55+ dance) and dancer from GOT class and/or production, incl. energizer
  • 15” Introduction on Blijvend in Beweging. Presenter Yolanda van der Heijden
  • 10” Q & A and discussion about GOT and BIB. Moderator EL
  • 15-20” Breakout rooms. Meeting and sharing.
  • 15” Plenary and Wrap Up Moderator Eldridge Labinjo and Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation.