NEWS: Works In Silence
Lucinda Childs & Dance On Ensemble

Works In Silence
Lucinda Childs & Dance On Ensemble

18–19 February 2022: Holland Dance Festival
Den Haag

Photos: Jubal Battisti

Works in Silence offers a unique view of the early work and artistic development of one of the most important choreographers of the twentieth century: the grand old lady of American Modern dance Lucinda Childs. Ty Boomershine, who as a dancer had a long-lasting relationship with Childs’ company and has been the artistic director of the German 40+ ensemble Dance On since 2019, managed to involve her in this remarkable collaborative project.  

An immense influence on generations of choreographers
The six selected choreographies from the extensive repertory of Childs are fascinating both because of their rarity as well as their great importance to international dance and immense influence on generations of choreographers. The works could be seen in museums, churches, and public spaces in the 1970’s, and most have never or hardly ever been performed since. In these choreographies, Childs eliminated props, objects, spoken word, symbolic movement – all characteristics of the famous Judson Dance Theater era – and instead chose to purely focus on the movement of the body through space. Starting off from what, to her, is the basis of movement – walking – and going from walking to changing direction, to skipping, to jumping. In other words, according to her vision, the illustration of the evolution of movement through dance.  

Vulnerability and humanity
The pieces express vulnerability and humanity, quietly performed by the extraordinary dancers of the Dance On Ensemble who each illustrate the considerable value of experience with their own rich history, background and knowledge. Childs: “By crossing out any artificiality and theatricality, the beauty and truth of wisdom is confronted, shared, and exposed.” 

“Dance On offers a new look on the still fresh avant-garde of yesteryear” – Het Parool