NEWS: Crone Alone by Liz Aggiss &
Lucky by Charlotta Öfverholm

Crone Alone by Liz Aggiss &
Lucky by Charlotta Öfverholm

16 June 2022: Programme A, Elixir Extracts Festival

Photos: Håkan Larsson, Gigi Giannella

Elixir Extracts 2022 opens with an evening of solo works from internationally recognised artists who challenge perceptions about dance and age. The evening will include short works by the UK’s Liz Aggiss and Charlotta Öfverholm from Sweden.

Crone Alone – Liz Aggiss
Liz Aggiss, ‘enfant terrible’ of the bus pass generation, and grand dame of anarchic dance is pondering on her past glories and catastrophes. She has decided to reinvent herself as a performance poet whilst embracing her inner crone as the ideal incarnation of herself, unruly, wise, fearsome, and just a bit gobby.

Lucky – Charlotta Öfverholm
She is longing for happiness, to die young, to live forever, or just in the moment. Dancing and laughing in a tragicomical landscape and letting the audience shine in the spotlight. “A technically drilled primal force that gives us hands-on perspective of life”.

A piece about sustainability in the sense that “the grass is not greener on the other side”, honouring the experiences and maturity to refine life on earth.

Dance, circus, text and music create a performance that questions, accepts and celebrates life and what might follow.