NEWS: Panel of Experts at Tanzkongress 2022

Panel of Experts at Tanzkongress 2022

18 June 2022: Why We Dance On - Sustainable Careers in Dance

With: Ty Boomershine, Alessandra Corti, Julie Anne Stanzak, Àngels Margarit Viñals | Moderation: Madeline Ritter

Four experienced dance artists engage in an open conversation about the process of continuing their active dance careers into their 40s, 50s and 60s, sharing their successes but also the pressures and expectations they have faced from a sector that still often expects dancers to be “young, silent, humble and exploitable” (Jacky Lansley, The Wise Body).

Inviting participation from the congress audience, they cover the following topics: The importance of representation – What happens when older dancers are visible and celebrated in companies and the independent scene? How can audiences of all ages see themselves and their experiences reflected on stage? How can we change negative perceptions of age and ageing in society more generally? The value of experience – Celebrating the role of dancers as keepers and transmitters of embodied knowledge, dance heritage and repertoire. The question of status – How does age affect hierarchical structures in the dance sector and the relationships between dancers, choreographers and company management? Practical considerations – What are examples of best practice, what can be done and what needs to happen now?

The quote is from the text „Some Reasons to Dance“ (1997) by Àngels Margarit Viñals