NEWS: CoTeaching Exchange
Nomad Dance Academy at Codarts

CoTeaching Exchange
Nomad Dance Academy at Codarts

21–24 June 2022: Codarts University of the Arts

A team from Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia visited Codarts to work with the Bachelor Dance Teacher course, exploring and sharing the principles of co-teaching.

This exchange followed an earlier meeting in Slovenia when a delegation from Codarts travelled to Nomad Dance Academy last November.

During this exchange, the teachers discussed and experimented with team-teaching/ co-teaching and created a dance piece together with students, which was performed in the school canteen.

While Nomad Dance has already been practicing co-teaching for several years, this way of teaching is just starting to develop at Codarts. The exchange was all about sharing experiences, formats and methods, with the aim of thinking about how the benefits of co-teaching can be usefully transferred to students and other teachers.