NEWS: Making Dances
Merce Cunningham, Mathilde Monnier & Dance On Ensemble

Making Dances
Merce Cunningham, Mathilde Monnier & Dance On Ensemble

27–29 April 2023: Kampnagel

Photos: Jubal Battisti

The radically experimental dance piece „Story“ (1963) by Merce Cunningham is one of the most memorable works in modern dance history. In the historical work, the dancers were able to make decisions about space, time and the sequence of their movements. In the first part of the evening MAKING DANCES at Kampnagel, this historical masterpiece of postmodern dance is reimagined by the Dance On Ensemble. Based on fragmentary archive material (a single film recording, choreographic notations, anecdotal reports), the dancers integrate new elements into the indeterminate structure of the piece. At each venue, a local artist now takes on the historical role of Robert Rauschenberg, whose décor at the time consisted of objects he found near the theatre. In Hamburg, the work of Hamburg-based visual artist Anik Lazar will be part of the stage choreography. The second part of the evening is a contemporary, choreographic response to „Story“: French choreographer Mathilde Monnier responds to Cunningham’s work with „never ending (Story)“, using the poetry of David Antin, a contemporary of Cunningham/ Cage, as a starting point.