NEWS: Good [old] Times 2024: Pauzeparadijs

Good [old] Times 2024: Pauzeparadijs

28 January – 11 February 2024: Holland Dance Festival
Den Haag

Dance belongs to everyone and is meant for everyone. Hence, in this festival, we proudly present another edition of Good [old] Times, our biennial production crafted for dancers aged 55 and older. This edition holds special significance, diverging from previous productions that predominantly explored themes associated with aging, such as melancholy, nostalgia, and unfulfilled dreams. Under the artistic direction of choreographer Lonneke van Leth, the seniors, this time, find their stage on the schoolyard. In a vibrant family performance tailored for both the young and the old, Van Leth and her dancers revisit the place where childhood hours unfolded—a place brimming with memories, both delightful and less rosy ones.