Dance On Round Table and Policy Paper

On 20th April 2022, DIEHL+RITTER hosted a round table discussion with 15 leading experts from the fields of dance, culture, the third sector, academia and politics. Because of COVID-19, the event took place online. Dr Cornelia Dümcke of the Berlin-based organisation CULTURE CONCEPTS moderated the round table and was responsible for the overall event and its documentation.

After extensive debate and valuable contributions from its participants, the round table arrived at a sound analysis of Dance On and its position in the wider cultural sector, as well as a set of recommendations for the initiative’s future.

Read the policy paper here

First Online Partner Meeting

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our first partner meeting could not take place in Berlin as originally planned, but had to be moved online. Topics covered during the two-day included introductions, meeting the Dance On Ensemble dancers, a financial management workshop, and the establishment of a „Creative Communications“ working group.