Community project:
We’re going oud

With the piece 99 and a little sea

Concept & choreography: Jordy Dik
Music & composition: Vincent Dankelman
Camera: Dammes Kieft
Edit: Jordy Dik
Production: Ine Dubois

Students of Codarts University of the Arts:
Laura Carvalho da Costa, Gentle Schuyffel, Renata Cidra Labiano, Rochella Prinsen, Anita Giannini, Amber Franssen, Danique Beijer, Dylan Kap, Fien Voorspools

Participants of Aafje Meerweide:
Mrs Schuyer, Mr Koedood, Mrs den Ouden, Mrs Prince, Mrs van Gilst, Mr Wiekeraad

Telo do tada – Body until then

photos: Lidija Antonovic

„Telo do tada“ (Body until then) explores the possibilities of the body in contemporary dance. It resists the repressive model of the youthful body as the typical reference body of dance.

The project affirms dance as our cultural heritage, promotes the dance practices of dancers and choreographers of a mature age (and thus their extensive dance experience on Serbian soil) and makes their work more accessible and visible to the artistic community and society as a whole.

It involves performances, lecture demonstrations, workshops, research and archival practices.