Silver Gold: A project where generations meet

Drawing: Djordje Balmazović

Silver Gold is a project and a creative process involving several generations of dancers and artists, professionals and non-professionals. We share knowledge, experiences, memories and at the same time create new shared memories. We are engaged in with questions of time and passing, with what’s left, what is spectacular in everyday life, and our multifaceted relationships.


Fäden by Ivana Müller & Dance On Ensemble

Photo: Jubal Battisti

Choreographer Ivana Müller brings together four dancers from Dance On Ensemble and four actors from the Münchner Kammerspiele in a poetic braid of movements, stories and images that reflect the inevitable passing of time.

In Fäden (threads, strings in German) choreographer Ivana Müller brings together four dancers of the Dance On ensemble and four actors from the Münchner Kammerspiele in a creation around the idea of ageing. Fäden emerges as a choreographic, poetic and visual meditation on time and the way it formulates our lives. While unravelling ideas and sensations of past, present and future, performers knit a sentient reflection in which remembering, forgetting, losing, waiting, aging and transforming become main protagonists. Fäden unfolds as an ever-changing landscape and a lively conversation on the inevitable passage of time.

Ivana Müller is a choreographer, artist and author of texts. She was born in Zagreb, grew up in Croatia and Amsterdam, and currently lives in Paris.

Unfortunately, this performance had to be cancelled due to COVID health concerns.