Nicole Berndt-Caccivio & Dance On Lab

Photos: Yan Revazov




After their last piece “Tideland”, the amateur performers of the Dance On Lab are now exploring emotional memories of ‘love’ for this new production, including everything that we associate with the word: falling in love, breaking up, jealousy… Fragments come together to create images that are expressed through dance, the body and the voice. A feeling of “butterflies in my stomach” can develop into an improvised solo, while a feeling state of “hurt and abandoned” may result in a group choreography.

The piece was developed by the group in collaboration with Nicole Berndt-Caccivio, a Swiss dancer, choreographer and lecturer in contemporary dance. She is the artistic director of the Age Company in Vienna, founded in 2009, which deals with art for and with older people. With the project „Collective Spheres“, which she founded in 2020, she connects with younger dancers and choreographers on different artistic, pedagogical and performative levels.

Movement as Memory
talk by Madeline Ritter at Performing the museum

Photos: Wilfried Hösl, Jubal Battisti

Madeline Ritter, the artistic and executive director of Dance On, gives a talk on the theme of „Movement as Memory“. The talk is part of the programme of public events around the exhibition „THIS MAY BE THE PLACE. Performing the museum“ curated by Javier Arozena. Ritter talks about how in dance, knowledge is passed on in a very direct way from generation to generation, from body to body. If this fragile chain is interrupted, the knowledge is lost forever.


Inside the Outside
Deborah Hay & Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia

Photos: Sunčan Stone

Since 2017, a group of dance artists and producers gathered around Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia have been in conversation with Deborah Hay, an icon of postmodern dance, about the possibilities of collaboration and about presenting her rich body of work to Slovenian and regional audiences.

At the invitation of NDA Slovenia, she came to Ljubljana in June 2022, opening up a process of exchange and experiential learning in conjunction with the tools from her long-standing practice. In this way, she introduced the participants to her perspective on dance and choreography, while enriching, challenging and further guiding our individual artistic processes.

For us as dancers, the work with Deborah Hay is a gift, a learning experience, an affirmation of dance as a daily practice and a research of forms, formats and the fluidity of perception. In this process, dance is paralleled with learning, individual and collective. Choreography comes as a structure, which supports and challenges the dancers. The possible readings of it are infinite – firm and fluid at the same time.