Works in Silence
With an introduction by Rok Vevar

Photos: Kaja Brezocnik

Dance On Ensemble & Lucinda Childs

In the last two decades, we have witnessed numerous restagings, reconstructions or historical stage studies of the repertoire from various phases of contemporary dance. Some were put up by the authors themselves, others by those who were moved by the works of art in one way or another. The restagings of choreographic works by the American choreographer Lucinda Childs are certainly among the more successful. In recent decades, they have aroused exceptional interest among generations of artists who were not even born at the time of their creation. Because audiences in different parts of the world never get enough of them and because they are always a great challenge for dancers, works from the oeuvre of Lucinda Childs steadily return to world stages and are born anew.

19.30 – lecture (free entry)
Rok Vevar: Introduction to the choreographic principles of Lucinda Childs


CoTeaching Exchange
Nomad Dance Academy at Codarts

A team from Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia visited Codarts to work with the Bachelor Dance Teacher course, exploring and sharing the principles of co-teaching.

This exchange followed an earlier meeting in Slovenia when a delegation from Codarts travelled to Nomad Dance Academy last November.

During this exchange, the teachers discussed and experimented with team-teaching/ co-teaching and created a dance piece together with students, which was performed in the school canteen.

While Nomad Dance has already been practicing co-teaching for several years, this way of teaching is just starting to develop at Codarts. The exchange was all about sharing experiences, formats and methods, with the aim of thinking about how the benefits of co-teaching can be usefully transferred to students and other teachers.


Seppe Baeyens | Ultima Vez

Photo: Danny Willems

“There is an entire universe that exists outside the walls of the theatre that has been denied access to dance and theatre,” says Seppe Baeyens. With Birds he ventures outside the theatre walls to organise the public space as a dramatic space. How do participants, onlookers and passers-by relate in this generous, social choreography?

Following the success of Tornar (2015) and INVITED (2018), dancer and choreographer Seppe Baeyens builds upon his exploration of shaping a temporary community in Birds. For this new creation, he steps outside the theatre walls and ventures into the public space with a group of performers and musicians. There the normal course of events is interrupted – sometimes invisibly and sometimes plainly. Time and time again, unexpected compositions arise from playful interactions between onlookers, participants and coincidental passers-by, in which everyone appears to influence the outcome. Birds is a generous, social choreography that seeks out connection and imagination.

In Birds Seppe Baeyens also wanted to broaden and diversify the creation process itself. He invited Martha Balthazar and Yassin Mrabtifi to create and accompany the performance with him.


Bonn Story, Deep song & Everything/Nothing,
never ending (Story)

Photo: Jubal Battisti

Iconic works of modern and postmodern dance meet contemporary artists and perspectives: The Dance On Ensemble has been invited by the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn to present its evening „Making Dances“, in which Tim Etchells and Mathilde Monnier ‚reply‘ to seminal pieces by Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham in their own artistic languages. The result is a collection of works that shed new light on dance history in a dialogue that spans generations.


Dance On Round Table and Policy Paper

On 20th April 2022, DIEHL+RITTER hosted a round table discussion with 15 leading experts from the fields of dance, culture, the third sector, academia and politics. Because of COVID-19, the event took place online. Dr Cornelia Dümcke of the Berlin-based organisation CULTURE CONCEPTS moderated the round table and was responsible for the overall event and its documentation.

After extensive debate and valuable contributions from its participants, the round table arrived at a sound analysis of Dance On and its position in the wider cultural sector, as well as a set of recommendations for the initiative’s future.

Read the policy paper here

Silver Gold: A project where generations meet

Drawing: Djordje Balmazović

Silver Gold is a project and a creative process involving several generations of dancers and artists, professionals and non-professionals. We share knowledge, experiences, memories and at the same time create new shared memories. We are engaged in with questions of time and passing, with what’s left, what is spectacular in everyday life, and our multifaceted relationships.