Works in Silence
With an introduction by Rok Vevar

Photos: Kaja Brezocnik

Dance On Ensemble & Lucinda Childs

In the last two decades, we have witnessed numerous restagings, reconstructions or historical stage studies of the repertoire from various phases of contemporary dance. Some were put up by the authors themselves, others by those who were moved by the works of art in one way or another. The restagings of choreographic works by the American choreographer Lucinda Childs are certainly among the more successful. In recent decades, they have aroused exceptional interest among generations of artists who were not even born at the time of their creation. Because audiences in different parts of the world never get enough of them and because they are always a great challenge for dancers, works from the oeuvre of Lucinda Childs steadily return to world stages and are born anew.

19.30 – lecture (free entry)
Rok Vevar: Introduction to the choreographic principles of Lucinda Childs