Exhibition of scores
Lucinda Childs, Nothing Personal 1963–1981

Images: Lucinda Childs

Curated by Lou Forster, a mobile exhibition by the CN D Paris.

The first retrospective exhibition on Lucinda Childs was held in 2016 at France’s National Dance Centre (CND Pantin) under the curatorship of Lou Forster as part of the Festival d’Automne in Paris. It was based on the American choreographer’s archives, which are located at the CND. The exhibition we are now presenting is an adaptation produced on the occasion of the constellation dedicated to Lucinda Childs. The exhibition features her graphic works (choreographic scores, drawings, diagrams), as well as unique documents from artists with whom she has collaborated. The overall purpose of exhibiting these documents is to offer a journey of discovery towards the formal invention of dance which, in the words of the choreographer, is “nothing personal”, showing how dance transforms the places it occupies. It is a collection of documents that traces Childs’s career from her first steps at the Judson Dance Theatre in the 1960s to her involvement in New York’s alternative scene and finally to her theatre work in the early 1980s.

Curator Lou Forster / Exhibition Mounting and Archive Manager Laurent Sebillotte (CND) / Document Researcher Juliette Riandey (CND) / Producers Chloé Pérol, Auréline Roy (CND) and the Mercat de les Flors team / Technicians Mercat de les Flors team