The Power (of) the Fragile
Mohamed Toukrabi

Photo: Christian Tandberg

The Power (of) The Fragile is a meeting of two worlds, two bodies, two minds. Latifa always dreamt of being a dancer, Mohamed made it his profession. The borders of their bodies blur, making it hard to decipher where one ends and the other starts. Their lives and dreams start to merge, and only time claims its space between mother and son.

The Power (of) The Fragile is a collection of images, reflections on what the relation between mother and son can look like, on what it means to be home and to go away. It is a performance about movement, of bodies and people, about weight and what it means to carry weight, about being together and being apart. It is a tender portrait of a close relationship, and a pamphlet for our right to go wherever we want to go.


Kondenz Festival
Horizontal Spreadings


Sanja Krsmanović Tasić: Daikon, an essay in movement about a dancer’s body

The essay in movement “Daikon” by Sanja Krsmanović Tasić deals with the body of a dancer as the basic means and instrument of expression. Through the self-ironic process of inventory and bodily archiving of layers of conscious and unconscious movements, from the stage and from private life, the author will tell the story of a body that moves motionless, of a body that is a dilapidated shell in which the spirit still plays passionately, of the delusions of the dancer’s body. A story about the constant search for true movement, and the path of dancers on the sidelines.


Jelena Jović: I am still walking

In the general attitude that everything should be calmed down in order for life to be saved, keeping walking has become a kind of resistance. Thus, it ceases to be only a physical action, but also a reflexive process in which we recall previous life experiences, memories, and meet various people and landscapes. From the foggy path this solo started from, two paths separated (almost imperceptibly), one of apparent carelessness and glamour and the other of poverty and exhaustion. These paths intersected, as if in a crossword. The question remains – can a third one be opened?


Framing Time
Baryshnikov Productions GELABERT/MUZIJEVIC/BROWN


In this piece premiered in New York in 2018, Cesc Gelabert uses his body and enigmatic movements to explore the minimalist music of Morton Feldman, which is performed by Pedja Muzijevic on piano and which plays with the magic of the lighting designed by Burke Brown.

Choreography Cesc Gelabert / Music Morton Feldman Triadic Memories

Lighting and set design Burke Brown / Costume design Lydia Azzopardi

Performer Cesc Gelabert / Pianist Pedja Muzijevic