Vita Aktiva by Daniel Linehan, Michael Helland & Anneleen Keppens

Photo: Joeri Thiry

STUK invited 20 participants from many different generations and backgrounds to join Daniel Linehan, Michael Helland and Anneleen Keppens of the dance company Hiatus for one week for an interactive workshop on the themes of ‚time‘ and ‚work‘.

In Vita Activa a group worked together for a week, playing with concepts of work and time. The workshop was an artistic project that turned the dance studio into a free space for people, with or without artistic background, who have never worked together before.

The participants investigated the role of work in society. They were given tools to look at their skills and knowledge in a new way and to search for possibilities to share them. The process was a creative game full of interactions. A different experience of valuing work arose, blurring the borders between types of work. The aim was to grow into a temporary community with an alternative economy.


Longevity in Dance:
Elixir Festival 2024 on Digital Stage


Sadler’s Wells Digital Stage presents Elixir on Digital Stage: Longevity in Dance, an eclectic mix of bold, playful and poignant films that challenge perceptions of dance and age.

In our new 2024 programme, alongside global premieres, you can enjoy dance film commissions by artists Louise Lecavalier, Aditi Mangaldas and Paco Peña, and documentary The Exchange. This film follows a collaboration between Company of Elders and ZYC (ZooNation Youth Company), creating a dance show together choreographed by Chaldon Williams.

Elixir on Digital Stage: Longevity in Dance is a celebration of life through dance, and the inherent desire to keep on dancing.


Elixir Festival 2024: Rethinking Perceptions around Dance and Age

Photo: Maarten Vanden Abeele. Common Grounds: Malou Airaudo, Germaine Acogny

How do we express our changing bodies and minds as we grow and age?

Elixir Festival challenged perceptions around dance and age with works by iconic artists from around the world alongside inspiring performances from dancers drawn from our local communities in north and east London.

View the programme of workshops, films and talks here.

Good [old] Times 2024: Pauzeparadijs

Dance belongs to everyone and is meant for everyone. Hence, in this festival, we proudly present another edition of Good [old] Times, our biennial production crafted for dancers aged 55 and older. This edition holds special significance, diverging from previous productions that predominantly explored themes associated with aging, such as melancholy, nostalgia, and unfulfilled dreams. Under the artistic direction of choreographer Lonneke van Leth, the seniors, this time, find their stage on the schoolyard. In a vibrant family performance tailored for both the young and the old, Van Leth and her dancers revisit the place where childhood hours unfolded—a place brimming with memories, both delightful and less rosy ones.


Nicole Berndt-Caccivio & Dance On Lab

Photos: Yan Revazov




After their last piece “Tideland”, the amateur performers of the Dance On Lab are now exploring emotional memories of ‘love’ for this new production, including everything that we associate with the word: falling in love, breaking up, jealousy… Fragments come together to create images that are expressed through dance, the body and the voice. A feeling of “butterflies in my stomach” can develop into an improvised solo, while a feeling state of “hurt and abandoned” may result in a group choreography.

The piece was developed by the group in collaboration with Nicole Berndt-Caccivio, a Swiss dancer, choreographer and lecturer in contemporary dance. She is the artistic director of the Age Company in Vienna, founded in 2009, which deals with art for and with older people. With the project „Collective Spheres“, which she founded in 2020, she connects with younger dancers and choreographers on different artistic, pedagogical and performative levels.

Dance On Participation Workshops & Showing of Tideland by Dance On Lab

Photos: Jubal Battisti

Miki Orihara and Marco Volta of the Dance On Ensemble and Laura Böttinger, the artistic director of Dance On Participation, offer three dance workshops at Studio EDEN in Berlin Pankow. No prior experience necessary.

The workshops will be followed by a public showing of Tideland by the Dance On Lab, a group of amateur performers aged 60+ who meet regularly to explore dance and choreographic practice.

Tideland premiered earlier this year at the Elixir Extracts Festival at Sadler’s Wells in London.

3 December:

10-11.30 Graham work | Workshop with Miki Orihara

12-1.30 Invisible threads | Workshop with Marco Volta

4 December:

3.30-5.00 Choreographic Lab 50+ | Workshop with Laura Böttinger

6-6.45 Tideland | Performance with dancers of the Dance On Lab

Open Sketchbook by Đorđe Balmazović/Škart
at Cofestival

Drawings: Đorđe Balmazović

The Open Sketchbook exhibition consists of drawings made during the observation process of the Silver Gold project development, executed by an intergenerational dance and choreographic collective. The materials are part of a procedural work and are a visual response to the kinetic situations of contemporary dance practice.

Dragana Alfirević, the initiator of the Silver Gold project, invited visual artist Đorđe Balmazović to follow the process as an outside observer, but his role soon turned into that of a documentarist and co-creator. With a gaze that intersects the visible with the sensual, the artist has thus begun to transform dance into kinetic figures, bringing them into a field beyond their fleeting immediacy. In this way, images of dance in dance itself were created, as the hand that is drawing itself moves and at the same time folds, curiously searching, exploring, deciding, and last but not least, with its presence, supporting the bodies in movement. This exhibition is a kind of homage to dance, and at the same time it is dance itself.

Đorđe Balmazović is a member of Škart group, founded in 1990 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. In the 1990s, the collective produced poetry fanzines and distributed them in street actions. In 2000, Škart founded two groups – the Horkeškart Choir and Orchestra and the Women’s Embroidery Group. Since 2012, the collective has been running workshops for children, migrants and the elderly.

Curator: Bojana Piškur


Tideland by Dance On Lab &
Relive by Sadler’s Wells Company of Elders

Photo: Foteini Christofilopoulou

This afternoon performance celebrates the joy that dancing has on people’s lives, whatever age you may be. The show features performances by a range of non-professional groups from the UK and beyond, including Sadler’s Wells’ Company of EldersDance On Lab from Berlin, and Three Score Dance Company.

Sadler’s Wells’ Company of Elders presents Relive on stage, and in its original form – a short dance film created during lockdown in early 2021. Created by Eleesha Drennan, both the film and performance poignantly look at human connection and isolation. Relive unpacks the theme of memory through stories about what matters most in life: the people we share it with.

Dance On Lab, a group of mature non-professional dancers based in Berlin, presents Tideland. Working together since 2016, they are part of the DANCE ON initiative that values age in dance. This performance reminds us that only very special images remain in us, our bodies and our memories. In Tideland, they search the common and individual understanding of things.

Linked to the work of psychoanalyst Jessica BenjaminAlone Together by the Three Score Dance Company looks at the motivations of human action; the need for different types of attention and the reaction to the attention we receive. The work utilises Harry Escott’s score to create a haunting atmosphere that evokes the human experience.


Elixir Extracts Festival
Performances, Workshops, Talks

Photos: Foteini Christofilopoulou

This year’s mini festival celebrates creative ageing and presents a range of workshops, films, artist talks and performances by mature performers.

The festival includes performances by acclaimed professional artists along with the opportunity for non-professional dancers to showcase their work.