Performing Archive
Wilhelm Groener at the Temporary Slovene Dance Archives

The presentation by the German artist duo WILHELM GROENER is a playful hybrid between lecture and performance. It reflects their current artistic research, which is entitled „performing archive“. The rhythms and connotations of the archive provide the structural threads from which visuals, body, sound and space are woven into a performative fabric with multiple narratives and enduring transformations.

WILHELM GROENER: In 2001, the visual artist Mariola Groener and the dancer Günther Wilhelm combined their names to form the WILHELM GROENER label. For the artist duo, their Alter Ego is a kind of third space in which their multi-layered work is created in constant expansion, friction and transformation. So far, WILHELM GROENER’s oeuvre covers 25 stage works, numerous stations of their ongoing performance project 33 SKIZZEN, several video works, art editions, publications and exhibitions.


Kiss the one we are
Daniel Linehan | Hiatus & Dance On Ensemble


World premiere


Daniel Linehan invites nine dancers of different generations to reflect on the role of dance in their lives. Why do you choose to dance? What motivates you to continue? When does dance start, and when does it end?

In 2019 Linehan created the solo performance Body of Work in which he reflects on his own history of dancing. Revisiting some of the same intimate questions that he asked himself, he gives the dancers of Kiss The One We Are with their own diverse histories the space to reflect on what it is to experience life and the surrounding world through the lens of dance. In what ways can dance connect us with one another and with the other dances that take place all around us: the play of animals, the movement of plants, the rhythm of an ocean, the dance of atomic particles continually vibrating and interacting. …? In asking these questions, together they reflect on the meaning of dance itself.

Photo: Danny Willems




Live partner meeting and premiere of Kiss the one we are


The partners came together in Leuven for two days of discussion, sharing and planning, and to see the world premiere of Kiss the One We Are, a collaborative production by Daniel Linehan | Hiatus and the Dance On Ensemble.

Beautifully hosted by STUK House for Dance, Image and Sound at Studio Manhattan.