Telo do tada – Body until then

photos: Lidija Antonovic

„Telo do tada“ (Body until then) explores the possibilities of the body in contemporary dance. It resists the repressive model of the youthful body as the typical reference body of dance.

The project affirms dance as our cultural heritage, promotes the dance practices of dancers and choreographers of a mature age (and thus their extensive dance experience on Serbian soil) and makes their work more accessible and visible to the artistic community and society as a whole.

It involves performances, lecture demonstrations, workshops, research and archival practices.


Checking Out
Dance Film by Charlotta Öfverholm & Age on Stage

Film: Anders J. Larsson <br>Photo: Fabian Kriese

Choreography: Charlotta Öfverholm

Film: Anders J. Larsson

Cast: Magnus Krepper, Elena Fokina, Tobias Hallgren, James Friedman, Lauri Antila, Charlotta Öfverholm, Jan Alpsjö, Lars Hällegård, Elna Fagerberg, Anita Berger, Eva Broms
Music: Lauri Antila
Sound: Mia Kaasalainen
Costume: Linda Öhrn and Elle Kunnos de Voss
Dramaturgy: Carina Nildalen

Premiere: 24 February 2021, Dalateatern, Falun, Sweden

A new film version of Charlotta Öfverholm’s stage production Prosthesis, featuring professional and non-professional performers aged 40 – 81.

“You can check out at anytime, but you can never leave”

A surrealistic detective story, set in a hotel, where the psychological issues and behaviours of the guests and employees make them all suspects in a crime. The investigating detective is actually is searching for the meaning of life. Former hotel guests from centuries ago are watching with unexpected powers.


Works In Silence
Lucinda Childs & Dance On Ensemble

Photo & Video: Jubal Battisti

Choreography: Lucinda Childs

Staging: Ty Boomershine

Cast: Ty Boomershine, Anna Herrmann, Emma Lewis, Gesine Moog, Omagbitse Omagbemi, Lia Witjes-Poole
Light: Martin Beeretz
Sound: Mattef Kuhlmey
Costume: Alexandra Sebbag

Online-Premiere: 18 – 20 December 2020, STUK – House for Dance, Image and Sound 

The WORKS IN SILENCE offer insights into a decisive development phase of one of the most important choreographers of the 20th century.

This collection of early works from the extensive repertory of Lucinda Childs is exciting both because of its rarity and its importance in the dance field. Most of these works have not been seen since they were first shown in the 1970s. In these dances, Childs has left behind props, objects, the spoken word, symbolic movement – all hallmarks of the era of the Judson Dance Theater – and chosen to focus on the passage of the body through space. To zero in on the essence of initial movement, which, for Childs, is the act of walking. From walking to running, to changing direction, to skipping, to leaping: the WORKS IN SILENCE illustrate the evolution of movement into dance through the choreographic vision of Lucinda Childs.

“I think it’s very musical for dancers to share a pulse,” she says. “They have to listen to each other. That’s what a musical ensemble does. They tune in to each other in a very precise way.” The pieces are a rare entrance into a crucial period of transformation of a choreographer and director whose impact on both the world of the visual arts and influence on a generation of choreographers cannot be overstated. The works express a fragility and a humanity that is a perfect example of the value of experience, and ideally suited to a group of dancers that bring with them their own abundant histories and knowledge. In the act of stripping away all artifice and theatricality, the beauty and truth of wisdom is confronted, shared, and exposed.

Production: Dance On/DIEHL+RITTER
Co-production: STUK. House for Dance, Image and Sound /Münchner Kammerspiele
Funded by the Doppelpass Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation


First Online Partner Meeting

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our first partner meeting could not take place in Berlin as originally planned, but had to be moved online. Topics covered during the two-day included introductions, meeting the Dance On Ensemble dancers, a financial management workshop, and the establishment of a „Creative Communications“ working group.