Studies of Elementary Compositions: About the Work of Lucinda Childs

Photo: Vladimir Opsenica

Rok Vevar, theoretician and dance archivist from Ljubljana, introduces the choreographic oeuvre of Lucinda Childs with a retrospective look at her Judson Dance Theater period (1962-1964), with some extensions up until 1968, in order to understand where her work was heading to after she returned to the stage in 1973 and made the pieces that are part of the Works In Silence (1973-178).

Part of Kondenz Festival of Contemporary Dance and Performance, Belgrade


Works in Silence
With an introduction by Rok Vevar

Photos: Kaja Brezocnik

Dance On Ensemble & Lucinda Childs

In the last two decades, we have witnessed numerous restagings, reconstructions or historical stage studies of the repertoire from various phases of contemporary dance. Some were put up by the authors themselves, others by those who were moved by the works of art in one way or another. The restagings of choreographic works by the American choreographer Lucinda Childs are certainly among the more successful. In recent decades, they have aroused exceptional interest among generations of artists who were not even born at the time of their creation. Because audiences in different parts of the world never get enough of them and because they are always a great challenge for dancers, works from the oeuvre of Lucinda Childs steadily return to world stages and are born anew.

19.30 – lecture (free entry)
Rok Vevar: Introduction to the choreographic principles of Lucinda Childs


CoTeaching Exchange
Nomad Dance Academy at Codarts

A team from Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia visited Codarts to work with the Bachelor Dance Teacher course, exploring and sharing the principles of co-teaching.

This exchange followed an earlier meeting in Slovenia when a delegation from Codarts travelled to Nomad Dance Academy last November.

During this exchange, the teachers discussed and experimented with team-teaching/ co-teaching and created a dance piece together with students, which was performed in the school canteen.

While Nomad Dance has already been practicing co-teaching for several years, this way of teaching is just starting to develop at Codarts. The exchange was all about sharing experiences, formats and methods, with the aim of thinking about how the benefits of co-teaching can be usefully transferred to students and other teachers.


Printemps du Conservatoire de Paris with Codarts Rotterdam

For the first time, the CN D welcomes the Spring programme of the choreographic ensemble of the Paris Music and Dance Conservatory (CNSMDP) and its guests, Codarts Rotterdam and the Escola supérior de Danza of Lisbon Polytechnic Institute. The programme features Whereabouts Unkwown by Jiří Kylián, danced by students of the CNSMDP and Codarts.


Ignite Mixed Programme Codarts Rotterdam & Conservatoire de Paris

Photo: Ferrante-Ferranti

Special Dutch-French edition
Dance students from Codarts Rotterdam dancers share the stage with students from the prestigious Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris. A wonderful opportunity for the young dancers from both cities to broaden their horizons.  

Passing on dance heritage
The joint performances during the festival – and those in May 2022 in the Centre National de la Danse in Paris – are the highlight of a larger exchange project to encourage the transmission of our European dance heritage. During the entire academic year of 2021/2022, the young dance talents of Codarts and the Parisian Conservatoire are working on creations by various top choreographers, who each have a connection with either the Netherlands or France.  

Female solo, multiplied
The French students present ‘Suite for five’ by Merce Cunningham. Furthermore, the French will dance Hearts and Arrows by their countryman Benjamin Millepied, known for his creations for – among others – the New York City Ballet, the Ballet de l’Opera National de Paris and the Hollywood film Black Swan.

The Codarts dancers can be seen in Bravo Charlie by Marco Goecke, in an excerpt from Wings of Wax by Jiři Kylián and in Femme by the Belgian choreographer Jens van Daele, who unexpectedly passed away in 2020. Dancers from both cities will also present a jointly executed choreography from Kylián’s Whereabouts Unknown and will be performed by all the female students from both programmes.


Movement Research
A conference where thinking moves

The conference is dedicated to local and regional artists who are producing dance movement in a procedural way (with tasks, agreed principles, scores, instructions and other tools) and transforming it into a responsive material through sensual kinetics. It will be subjected to questions of what we do, how we do it and how others perceive it, what is choreography beyond the formalist object or the expressive production of the dance subject. We believe that somatic practices transcend the exclusive space and time of the studio, and that they are the site of a sensibility and mindfulness that, in contact with the public, can become political action, since their constitutive and indistinguishable link between the action and its reception, to which both dancer and spectator are subject, has the power of communal confrontation and consolidation, and can ultimately be the producer of individual ethical integrities. In Slovenia, movement research lacks visibility and recognition, and is largely excluded from cultural-political and production systems, despite the fact that there is a great deal of interest in it in the Slovenian contemporary dance scene, as artists are creating their own practices on a remarkable scale. The event will address questions of artistic, studio research as a relevant autonomous practice, and will pose them in a problematic and dialogic manner.

Guests: Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld, Katja Legin, Matej Kejžar, Anja Bornšek, Jan Rozman, Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović and others


Constellation Deborah Hay
with Ballet Cullberg

The American artist, who broke new ground in dance in the 1970s and became a touchstone for later generations, will perform for the first time in Spain. She will present four pieces, two of them with Cullberg, Sweden’s most international ballet company.

The Match (2004)

Figure a Sea (2015)

my choreographed body… revisited (2015)

A lecture on the Performance of Beauty 

Installation: Writing as a Choreographer by Laurent Pichaud

Performative lecture: Translating as a Dancer

Film: Alignment is Everywhere


Hacer Historia(s) Vol. 4
Cycle of contemporary dance and performance

Drawing: Quim Bigas

Fer Història i fer-la nostra i també, fer-la avui, fent-la…

(Make history, make it ours, make it today, making it now…)

The fourth edition of the Hacer Historia(s) series, organized by La Poderosa and staged at the Mercat, the MACBA, the Antic Teatre and La Caldera in Barcelona. It highlights the memory of the body in the shows and the importance of remembering.